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The NCSA is a worldwide association dedicated to the professional Newborn Care Specialist.
Membership Requirements
To become a Member of the NCSA, you must fulfill certain requirements.
Membership Application
A memberhip through NCSA will signify you’re highly skilled, appropriately educated and uphold a respected level of professionalism.
Help and Advise for the Certified Newborn Care Specialist Available here
Newborn Care Specialists

As a member of the NCSA, you have an advocate to help answer questions, concerns or dilemmas as they arise. Nancy is available to act as a sounding board, for whatever situation may arise. If you have a parent ask you to keep information from their spouse, what do you do? Nancy can give you professional advice that will allow you to make ethical decisions.

If your client tells you that it’s okay to wear street clothes to their house, should you? Nancy's advice would be no, you should continue to wear your scrubs to maintain a professional appearance. Should you ask your client, who’s a lawyer, for legal advice? No, that would be unprofessional.

As a Newborn Care Specialist you need to be professional and respectful at all times. If you are having difficulties dealing with parents; have questions concerning an issue with newborns; or have a situation you need advice on, you can contact Nancy at for assistance and support. The entire Board of Directors at the NCSA are also there for you. This is your association and we will assist you in anyway we can.

Please include your name, location, phone number and detailed information about your dilemma or question.