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The NCSA is a worldwide association dedicated to the professional Newborn Care Specialist.
Certification Requirements
To become certified by the NCSA, you must fulfill certain requirements..
Certification Application
A certificate through NCSA will signify you’re highly skilled, appropriately educated and uphold a respected level of professionalism.
Help and Advise for the Certified Newborn Care Specialist Available here
NCSA Approved Training Programs:

NCSA Approved Education Providers:

The NCSA is proud to offer the following approved educational providers:

These are schools that have submitted their curriculum and met the standards of the NCSA. After the completion of any of one of the following courses, successfully passing the NCSA's membership test and completing their internship hours; candidates can be eligible for certification through the NCSA. (Candidates who have three years experience working with newborns are not required to complete internship hours.) Just a note: You do not have to take a course to take the NCSA membership test. You may 'test out'. Do not contact the NCSA about these courses. Please contact the individual schools or training centers for information.

DISCLAIMER: ONLY the courses listed on this "training page" have been officially approved by the Newborn Care Specialist Association. Please use your own due diligence when selecting a training class. The NCSA is responsible only for the content of these classeson sd far as making sure specific newborn issues are covered, not the quality of the manual, classes or teacher's delivery. Please throughly check out a teacher and class before signing up for the class.

If you have questions about a class not listed on this page, please contact us


We believe all our Newborn Care Specialist's should be trained and certified. Our agency offers in person classes for people who wish to be placed by us.
For more information please visit:
contact (312) 802-8830

English Nanny and Governess School

We teach our students to challenge children to achieve greatness, in a loving and nurturing environment, to raise standards for child "educate" in the United States, and to increase the recognition of trained nannies and governesses as dedicated professionals. We are proud to include the NCSA Membership as part of our curriculum.

Gentle Ventures

Nancy Hamm,  has an excellent course that is considered the most extensive in the nation at the most affordable price. This course is the original Newborn Care Specialist or Maternity Nurse class. You may buy one class at a time or a complete package.  Gentle Ventures has on-line video. audio and one on one classes . View Gentle Ventures Website for details and information email or call 800-337-0650

Multiple Blessings

Katie Morin teaches the Multiple Blessings NCS course both interactively online and in person anywhere in the US but mainly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. For more details on the MB course, please call 800-385-4780, email mbbabynurse@aol.comor visit us online.

Newborn Care Training Academy

Co-Founded by Haleigh Almquist, Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, The Newborn Care Training Academy (NCTA) is here to support Newborn Care Specialist’s all over the world. Our growing list of providers proudly place Newborn Care Specialists because parents want the most qualified, knowledgeable professionals caring for their babies. We understand the importance of quality newborn education and provide in person training all over the nation
Phone: 202-677-5887

Northwest Nannies, Inc

Northwest Nannies. is nationally acclaimed for offering the finest in the education and placement of Professional Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists.

Precious Moments Babeez - Canada Only

Classes taught by Debbie Fazio, President of Precious Moments Babeez & Baby Parenting Coaches. Devoted to educating professionals across Canada to achieve the highest level of newborn care. This is an on-location training that can be taught anywhere in Canada with a minimum of 5 participants. The main training is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Join one of the scheduled courses or coordinate your own group close to home in any Canadian city.
For more information send an email to

RestAssuredBabyPros - Washington DC

RestAssured BabyPros teaches NCSA professionals with not only the skills but the art of being the best baby care experts. Focusing on the well-being and development of newborns and young children, we instill confidence which our students demonstrate as they help new and growing families. Become a Newborn Care Specialist with our team. Training available now in the Washington, DC area.

Contact: Mariama Sarr:  (888) 561-1180

Do not contact the NCSA about ANY of these classes. Although they are approved by the NCSA, they are not sponsored by the NCSA. Please contact the individual classes for information.

Additional Recommended Training Programs:

Happiest Baby on the Block:
  • Certification for Parent Educator created by world renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp. Based on the Fourth Trimester and his Proven 5 S's Soothing Techniques.
Infant & Child CPR Certification: Birth and Postpartum Doula Certification:
  • Professional organizations offering comprehensive certification courses for those in the Birth, Postpartum and Lactation field. Perfect compliment to NCS and NN career.
Breastfeeding Certification: